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Post by Thompson » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:23 am


I have about made up my mind on purchasing FLIR for a hunting rifle. I cannot afford governmental grade FLIR. My budget is under 10 grand, with preference at 5 grand. I have examined several MFGs and all seem to have some sort of E magnification but in magnifying electronically, the image's pixels become large and the image grainy. 60Htz seems to be the best for fast moving targets. All devices seem to grow by a grand or so $$ for every increase in OPTICAL magnification. Example: 1 x is 5 grand, where 9 x is 9 grand. But, if the optical is not clear for higher magnifications, then why spend the extra money? There are not a lot of reviews on the benefits of higher OPTICAL magnification with FLIR. With traditional scopes that have excellent optics, the higher magnifications, the more flexibility a hunter has (my opinion). None describe if there reticules are on the first of second focal plane, if that it possible. In addition, there are not a lot of reviews at all. Most claim to be able to recognize a human at 1200 yards, but try to put 1x cross hairs on a human target at 1200 yards? My gut feeling is telling me to go with a 4x optical 60 htz FLIR.

Any help..!

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