what is your favorite non western military round?

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Post by ARMARIN » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:25 pm

what is your favorite non western military round?

Lets talk a little about AMMO: Some customers of ours shoot with all type of guns. Sometimes very old guns.

ARMARIN bought this week:
7.62x45mm. It was developed by Czechoslovakia for use in the Vz.52 Rifle. They dropped it after the Soviets forced them to adopt the 7.62x39mm. Their answer was the Vz.58 Rifle.... The Czechs have done nicely telling the Soviets to sit and spin on it throughout their history in the Warsaw Pact. If I had factory backup I'd design a modern rifle around this cartridge.


The Chinese are currently fielding the 5.8×42mm DBP87 in their new service rifle. Haven't seen much about it since the ChiComs haven't got into a shooting war and they're not exporting the caliber. ARMARIN was Lucky to find some big chests

Another one we bought is the Swedish 6.5x55mm. A nice flat shooting low recoil round. Chambered in Swedish Mausers and the Norwegian Krag. Also Sweden's AG-42 semi-auto.

Stock lot of the classic British .577/450 Martini-Henry from the Zulu War period is a fun one to play with too.


Simple Question here, (Just like to know) what is your favorite military round? Can be any type of ammunition from any era, but cannot be from Western Europe or the United States or Western Hemisphere.

Have a cigar and rgds


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Post by jimg11 » Tue May 12, 2020 4:00 pm

When I joined the U S Army in 1959. The M-1 Rifle was still being even though the official rifle was the M-14. I had a close association with that M-1 during Basic. I was carrying it daily, Cleaning it daily and more. Shooting it on the range was ok but the I did not think that it was as accurate as it should be. I felt that the constant cleaning of these rifles was not helping it's accuracy. When I was stationed in West Germany we were issued the M-14 in 7.62x51mm or 308 Winchester. Upon taking it for Qualification I was very happy with the accuracy. Qualifying with the M-14 as Sharpshooter told me this was more accurate than the M-1 Garand I had in basic. The 308 Winchester / 7.62x51 mm was about the same power as the 30-06 because the shorter 7.62x51mm was loader to higher pressure. For a military non western round I put my faith in the 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm.

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