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Post by Storm » Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:32 pm

Hi guys,

My name is Ben Gitter (Storm) and I built a tool called PrimerPrimer.


We use code to crawl the internet very fast for in-stock primers and send you a text message with a link and all the details when we find them in-stock.

How it started

A few months ago my buddies and I began laying the foundation for starting a commercial reloading operation. Quickly, we realized how bad the primer shortage had become.

After a bit of digging, many hours on hold, and chatting with a lot of different companies I realized something interesting.

While significantly less, the supply of primers to retails has not stopped, and many weeks 1 or 2 retailers will actually get primers in-stock online. (But you do have to be quick, they sell out in minutes)

So, we got to work. We built some code that will check about 23 different retailers at a very fast interval and text us a link when they are in-stock.

Over the last 30 days of using our system we were able to get enough primers to not worry about proceeding with our little commercial reloading operations.

Where we are now

Instead of turning the system off a few weeks ago, we thought we might as well bundle it up into a small service, and offer it to other frequent shooters & reloaders.

We are charging $11.99 a month, with the hopes of covering server costs and maybe getting us a few beers.

In a nutshell here is how it works:
  • An individual would sign up
    Provide the phone number they want to receive the texts on
    Select what type of primer they want texts for
  • We shoot you a text message whenever we detect a primer in-stock
    You can click the link and make your purchase if you choose.
Cancel anytime, don't even have to call us, can do it right from the website.

I believe less honorable individuals are quickly buying these up for scalping due to the current resale price on Gunbrokers.

While PrimerPrimer was built for a commercial application, I hope PrimerPrimer can help level the playing field for non-commercial users.

TL;DR: We send you a text when primers come in-stock online.
(Thank you S_I_G for letting me share this with your community)

Added in 1 minute 36 seconds later:
As far as what products we are sending alerts for:

Currently we are only sending alerts for Small Rifle & Small Rifle Mag primers.

Soon in the future we would like to add notifications for Small Pistol, Large Pistol, Large Rifle, and Shotgun primers.

I would even love to add alerts for powder, cases, and general ammunition down the line.

But we will need to see if PrimerPrimer becomes adopted to do that.

What happens to PrimerPrimer when the market recovers?

While I hope this will be soon, I have a feeling it will be awhile.

But when that time does come, we will transition from in-stock alerts, to sending *best deal* notifications maybe once or twice a week to your phone. (Cheapest Price Per Unit retailers for each product group, discounts codes only for our community, etc)

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I'll be around here and you can always PM me.

Searching the web for in-stock primers and sending you a text when their found.

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