The basics of ammo reloading as told by Rosie

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The basics of ammo reloading as told by Rosie


Post by Thompson » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:00 am

Sure, she’s British, but she loves reloading and is willing to delve into everything from case prep to load data and measures to seating depth.
Rosie Jones is the host of a series of shorts put out by Hornady and the Edgar Brothers, the latter a British firearms wholesaler, that covers her journey through the basics of reloading ammunition. As it is staffed with UK-based talent who give it a certain Dr. Who feel, it also gives a porthole into English gun culture.
If you dig the above intro, the next four episodes of the series are below. Of course, it’s full of a lot of subtle plugs for Hornady-supplied gear, but the basics are, as they say, are fundamental, and if it turns on a new generation to reloading then so much the better.
Either way, check them out before YouTube does.

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