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Post by Biglever » Sat Jul 25, 2020 6:06 pm

First, let me say,I always hated carrying a fixed blade hunting knife
On my belt. So I always put my hunting knife in my backpack.
Well this was the end of deer season, we have like 4 or 5 days of black powder at the end of rifle season, and I here my wife shoot, she's in her tree stand, iam a ground hunter, and iam quite a ways from my wife, sitting on my backpack.
My wife calls me on the phone, all excited, it's getting back up ,and headed for our neighbor's property, my wife can't reload her black powder rifle, so I told her get down and find the blood trail, and wait for me to call her back. I take off as quick as I can and try to cut the dead off. I haven't seen the deer, so I call my wife to start following the blood trail. To make a long story shorter , we catch up with this buck, and I finish him off. Now this all started late in the afternoon.
And it's getting dark. I tell my wife give me your knife, I left my pack when I took off chasing this deer. She said she left her knife in her pack at the base of her tree stand.
So here iam , I had a pocket knife I use at work, thats dull as can be,
And have to gut this deer. We managed but that started my quest
To find a knife to carry during hunting season as a backup, just incase, this happens again. And I have found a small folder that I clip in my pocket or on my belt, And I keep it SHARP!!!.
this happened many years ago, and I have told this story on another site, and a guy told me how to carry a fixed blade hunting knife, and it's what I do now, put it on your belt, and slide it around to your back pocket, put the sheath in your pocket, you won't even know your carrying a fixed blade knife, unless your have Rambo knife.

Added in 6 minutes 43 seconds later:
This is the little loc blade knife I carry as a backup
It's a Remington insignia edition

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