Florida Woman Accused of Shooting Officer Serving Warrant

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Post by Shurur9 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:24 pm

It is maddening.

I have been kicked off mustang forums for my comments...car forums!

Added in 6 minutes 19 seconds later:

Added in 16 minutes 25 seconds later:
Section 627:4
627:4 Physical Force in Defense of a Person. –
II-a. A person who responds to a threat which would be considered by a reasonable person as likely to cause serious bodily injury or death to the person or to another by displaying a firearm or other means of self-defense with the intent to warn away the person making the threat shall not have committed a criminal act.

Added in 9 minutes 14 seconds later:
At about 3:30 in the video.
Listen to the two clowns in the background muttering about me supposedly displaying twice...if that were true..I showed mercy twice...
machs nicht.
My land, my life, my call.

Thank you all for listening.
Like they said in Hillstreet Blues', "Be careful out there."

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