I love revolvers, especially .357 magnum.

Anything about revolvers goes here.
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Post by ARMARIN » Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:30 pm

I love revolvers, especially .357 magnum.
But for self defense a revolver should have
Model 66 Combat Magnum -- Highly collectible Combat Magnum is still in the Smith & Wesson lineup.

New for that Smith & Wesson in 2014 was the re-introduction of the K-Frame Model Combat Magnum. Chambered in .357 Magnum and originally produced from 1970 to 2005 the Model 66 was a mainstay in many law enforcement officers' holsters. The K-Frame revolver is one of the most important innovations in Smith & Wesson history and was built specifically to handle the .38 S&W Special cartridge.

The Model 66 features a stainless steel frame and cylinder, and a glass bead finish. The Model 66 has a 4.25 inch barrel, and an overall length of 9.6 inches. The revolver has an unloaded weight of 36.6 ounces and comes equipped with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable white outline rear sight. The Model 66 also features synthetic grips, ball-detent lock up, full top strap barrel serrations and a two-piece barrel.


180 grains loads in .357 magnum would make this a serious system for those that can handle a little recoil....the heavier bullets mitigate some of that annoying muzzle blast and also bring it into the realm of big bore stopping power..with light bullets and hot loads the blast is just a big problem...shoot 110 or 125 grain loads low light conditions and you light up the whole county..

I love revolvers, especially .357 magnum. For self defense a revolver should have an exposed hammer that can be manipulated for single action. Your 1st shot is critical. To maximize first shot accuracy I have trained to automatically have the weapon in single action once it is target level. Enough practice makes this work through muscle memory. The .357 magnum is arguably the most effective round on stopping human targets. Also revolvers, for some reason, tend to deliver more accurate fire over a pistol (semi-auto) in high stress situations. I am a VN era Marine trained on the venerable 1911 and nothing shoots as sweetly as John Browning's classic. However, 1911s do not conceal well on my 5'9" frame, nor does my 4" Ruger Security Six in .357 mag. I carried a Glock 27 for years for concealed carry (I will never carry an anemic 9mm) as the .40 S&W is an effective man stopper as well. However, after a magazine spring failure I started looking for a lightweight, concealable revolver for personal carry. I love the Ruger SP 101 but it is too heavy and the LCR doesn't work ergonomically. After reviewing the revolvers on the market for size, weight, hammer profile, ergonomics and cost I settled on the very inexpensive Taurus Poly Protector in .357 mag. It weighs in at 19.7 ozs (empty cylinder), has a low profile hammer that provides very low snagging possibility but still offers single action firing. The 2 inch barrel is ported providing some, yet limited, recoil and muzzle flip relief. The trigger though is definitely not up to Smith & Wesson standards. Accuracy is surprising. At 21 feet I was able to group all 5 rounds in a single quarter (coin) size hole. Double action was about 4 inches rapid fire at that distance which is certainly adequate for personal defense. Statistically a personal defense gunfire exchange is less than 4 rounds. I want it to end with one round......mine. There is no hand gun that does everything and even a Raven .25 ACP is better than nothing, but for me it is the reliability of a revolver and the combination of energy and mass from a .357 magnum cartridge.

And the biggest advantage a revolver has over a semi auto pistol. it can be fired from inside a pocket or purse. this is a huge advantage in a self defense situation when you see a potential threat coming. you can be ready with your hand on the gun without having to present it, giving you the element of surprise. firing a semi auto pistol in a pocket will result in serious failures. revolvers can also be loaded with serious power like .357 and .44 mag. as for capacity the average number of shots fired in self defense situations is 2. pistols are superior for duty guns but in a ccw self defense situation I wouldn't hesitate to carry a good snub.

You can shoot This double-action revolver with ONE hand, it takes TWO hands to shoot a pistol ... most accidents at home are from a pistol 'cause the folks forget about the bullet still in the chamber even after they take out the magazine ... Revolvers, for me !!! ... just an OPINION and just sayin' !!!


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Post by jimg11 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 3:21 pm

One of my favorite S&W 357 Magnum is this 3" model 13-2 modified for DA only that I carried for a number of years on my plain clothes Police details.


Since in police work the pointing of a cocked revolver is a BAD THING My DAO S&W was for police duty.

For concealed civilian carry I usually carried my DA/SA Model 19 3"

Firearms Safety is No Accident. Jim

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