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Post by ARMARIN » Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:21 am

Let me tell you simplicity is an advantage. I am a military and I have seen trained soldiers make mistakes firing an M-16 and a 9 mm handgun by simply forgetting the weapon is on safe under duress.

The key phrase there is UNDER DURESS.

People like to brag about what they think they will do when in danger. People like to speculate that they are in a movie and would expertly retrieve their weapon, face the enemy and destroy him. Wrong.

The fact is that the second that adrenaline kicks in, you are on autopilot. That heart pumps faster, the blood rush increases, the adrenaline flows. Put that with that fact that maybe an intruder just woke you up at 3 AM and you have not got your bearing.

Think about the steps you take to fire a semi-automatic weapon.

Is a round chambered?
Is it off safe?
Is there a magazine in the weapon?
What if the first round does not fire? Yes, you have to chamber another one, not just pull the trigger.

These are basic things that people forget in the heat of reacting. Combine that with the capability of a semi-automatic weapon jamming much more than a revolver.

Most revolvers do not have safeties. It is rather simple with a revolver. Aim the weapon and pull the trigger. If the round does not fire (dead round) pull the trigger again.

This is simple and for SELF PROTECTION, that means the revolver is going to offer the higher percentage of protection without issues. You can not predict how you are going to feel in the heat of battle or if someone breaks into your home. You can predict that with a revolver, all you have to do is aim and shoot.

I advise ALL those who I have taught to shoot and handle weapons, your best bet for home protection is a revolver. Hey, keep a semi-automatic next to it if you think after the initial contact you may feel more comfortable, but the first thing I would engage anyone with in my home would be a revolver. The Judge is not a bad start.

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