Kevin “KD” Dixie This Week on Riding Shotgun With Charlie #64 ~ VIDEO

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:37 pm
USA – -( Last year at Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago is where I met Kevin Dixie. He asked right away when I was coming to St Louis to do a show with him. Not yet having to get out to St Louis, he asked me the exact same question in Phoenix when we saw each other at a DC Project event at Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions, owned by Cheryl & Danny Todd (RSWC #060). We made the time on Saturday morning at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in September. Kevin talks about his start in firearms is not what you would expect. He and a friend found a gun, figured out how to load it, and fired it. His first thought isn’t what you think it would be. He struggled with depression from 13-30 until he worked his way through the battle with it. After joining the St Louis Police Department, he started stalking the instructors for more information about how a firearm works and gained lots of education. Eventually, he grew by listening and learning then started teaching others the fundamentals of shooting. The beginning of No Other Choice Firearms has a LOT of thought and explanation of what and why KD teaches what he teaches. He didn’t want to see good people doing what they thought was right, but it could still get them into trouble with the law. He took out students to educate them about firearms and the laws, but also it became therapeutic for him too. Starting doing videos gave him a big boost and jettisoned him to another level as an instructor and gave him exposure to students and potentially teach around America. We cover how Missouri has advanced to constitutional carry and differences between their licenses. It’s good to hear about how states around the country have their gun laws. We also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being an instructor. He’s also set up courses when he’s traveling and speaking around the country. KD talks about how the beginnings of gun control laws were to keep black people enslaved. He talks about the incident in Tulsa, OK, in 1921. It was called Black Wall Street or Little Africa where the mob killed over 350 black people in less than 24 hours with no charges. This is why he will not give up anything he owns. KD gets into his community outreach with the Aiming For The Truth, a non-profit organization, which aims to kill violence at its roots. They address the factors that cause people to be violent. One of the big things AFTT works towards is getting fathers back in their households to be a positive and good influence on their children. He worked with the NFL on a program called “All Pro Dad” which helped get 70 fathers back with their kids to be active fathers. It taught them employment skills, how to write resumes and even tie ties. We share some of the benefits of attending these conferences. And it is cool to be around people who want to talk with you. The GPRC is really a family reunion when you become friends with everyone in the community. And we need to highlight every one that’s putting out content. KD says we need to share some of the videos that help preserve our Rights by showing that we are more than just people who shoot and are into firearms. We really are regular people who have a passion for what we do. Favorite quotes: “Freedom is a personal thing. Your Rights are personal. We should hold them near & dear.” “Gun laws have always been written to keep people enslaved, to keep people controlled” “My ancestors paid the price; I’m just the receipt.” KD Speaking at Rally For Your 2A Rights in DC 11.2.2019
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