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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:07 am
Boise, Idaho (  AmmoSquared Inc., the subscription service and online ammunition management company, was featured on GunGuyTV in podcast episode 64. GunGuyTV CEO and host, Joel Persinger, spoke with AmmoSquared CEO Dan Morton on how an ammunition subscription works and why online ammunition management has benefits beyond traditional methods of buying and storing ammo. As Morton mentions in the beginning of the interview, AmmoSquared was founded on a similar principle to a 401K – being able to put a little bit of money away every month to purchase ammunition. Morton went on to explain how customers purchase in small amounts, accumulate ammo over time and track ammunition online via the member dashboard. Customers can also exchange calibers and set up automated shipping times. All in an effort to make buying and storing ammunition more convenient. The subject of California and its ammunition regulations are also discussed.  California residents will be happy to know AmmoSquared works with California customers to purchase and ship ammunition. While they still need to ship to an FFL Dealer, unlike traditional online purchase options, California customers can accumulate ammunition over time through AmmoSquared then get a single large shipment. Morton and Persinger discussed AmmoSquared’s new push to upgrade their current technology making AmmoSquared the first-of-its-kind online ammo management and exchange platform. AmmoSquared’s Wefunder campaign was broken down for listeners with Morton explaining that unlike most crowdfunding opportunities since this is an equity crowdfund, investors receive stock in AmmoSquared and can participate in the company’s efforts to grow the business. AmmoSquared’s new platform will allow customers to change accumulated calibers via a click of a button. “The new AmmoSquared technology will allow you to accumulate and exchange calibers with just a few clicks, allowing you a huge amount of flexibility and convenience. Right now, this feature is available, but only through email,” Morton added. The podcast wrapped up on the subject of why the concept of AmmoSquared works. By budgeting money every month, a customer can accumulate a variety of calibers over time and have it all shipped when ready. For example, this allows customers wanting high-priced or hard to find ammunition, to pay over time and not experience a price sting or a lack of available ammunition when going to the store. Also, because ammunition is accumulated over time, a large ammunition price increase run will not affect what is already in a customer’s AmmoSquared’s inventory, thus saving the customer money long term. About AmmoSquared Inc.: Image Started in 2015 as an LLC by husband and wife team Dan and Danielle Morton, the company incorporated in July 2019 as a Delaware C-Corp and brought on Chris Corriveau as CTO and Clay Knight as Head of Design. The company has generated over $1m in revenue to date through its innovative ammo subscription service. Plans are underway to build AmmoSquared 2.0 – a next-generation online ammunition exchange platform that will allow customers a new approach to purchasing, exchanging, and managing ammunition online. For company info visit: