Advanced Target Technologies to Display the Lumatic Target System ~ VIDEO

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:38 am
USA – -( The Advanced Target Technologies Lumatic target system is a live-fire digital target platform which features a self-healing illumination system on a set of steel targets connected wirelessly to create an immersive shooting experience with an unparalleled hit response. Create rich and dynamic drills from the app for tactical training exercises or run pre-programmed games for more casual fun. The steel target supports a wide range of calibers from .22LR to 5.56. Designed for law enforcement, military, and commercial outfits and integrates into any indoor or outdoor range. SHOT Show 2020 Find us on the SHOT Show mobile app and add us to your SHOT Show Planner! We will be at booth 62001 on the Palazzo Ballroom on the 5th floor Wednesday, Jan 22nd for the Popup Preview. We will also be at booth 14304 on the second floor Tuesday through Friday. We look forward to seeing you there! ImageAdvanced Target Technologies Lumatic target systemAdvanced Target Technologies Advanced Shooting Targets has delivered a huge leap in live-fire target design and technology with the advent of magnetic resetting Digital Steel. Multiple targets interact autonomously to bleed you of your ammo supply before you can get a sense of whether you’ve won or lost to a machine. Play co-op with your friends and you’ll stand a better chance. Or play versus and test your skills against a human opponent. Advanced training scenarios and reporting are also available for LEOs and firearms instructors. Get involved! Tell us what you think!