Florida’s Bill Galvano is Trying to Give Bloomberg his Gun Control Monies’ Worth

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:23 pm

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President ImageBill GalvanoFlorida – -(AmmoLand.com)- “Bill Galvano is trying to give Bloomberg his moneys worth by shoving this gun control bill down the [FL] Senate’s throat. That is not what a true conservative does. He is a RINO. Floridians deserve better! #FixIt ” — Andrew Pollack That statement was posted on social media following Thursday's (1/23/20) media reports that Florida Senate President Bill Galvano was optimistic about getting his massive gun control bill (SB-7028) passed. Andrew Pollack is the father of Meadow Pollack – a beautiful young lady killed by the deranged Parkland murderer. Pollack posted his statement on social media following Galvano's latest expression of confidence for passing a gun control bill in the Florida Senate this session. In a News Service of Florida article on Thursday, it was reported that Florida Senate President “[Bill] Galvano expressed optimism that the bill has a chance as it awaits a hearing in the Judiciary Committee.” The Judiciary Committee is chaired by Sen. David Simmons (R-Longwood). Galvano's new optimism for passing his gun control bill came after Governor DeSantis made a statement to reporters that seemed to defend Galvano as being a good guy who supports President Trump but did not defend him for taking Bloomberg money. It is widely known that Galvano was upset that Donald Trump, Jr. called him out for taking half-a-million-dollars ($500,000) from anti-gun Democrat, Michael Bloomberg. Donald Trump, Jr. was quoted in The Daily Wire as saying, “Any supposed ‘Republican' who proudly accepts money from Mini Mike Bloomberg and is supportive of his gun control agenda is nothing more than a stone cold RINO. The last thing Florida Republicans need is a liberal, gun-grabbing Bloomberg minion leading them in the State Senate.” Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack – a beautiful young lady shot killed by the deranged Parkland murderer – posted his statement on social media following Galvano's latest expression of confidence for passing a gun control bill in the Florida Senate this session. The good thing to come out of the meeting with the press in which the Governor tried to say that Galvano is a good guy (even though he took money from Bloomberg) is that Governor DeSantis went on the record to say he is opposed to Galvano's gun control bill. Asked by a reporter,“I take it you're not supporting the bill?” Governor DeSantis responded, “THAT'S CORRECT.” So, thank you Governor Desantis for going on record in opposition to SB-7028. We're delighted Governor DeSantis is on record against the bill, and we don't fault him for saying that Galvano is his friend and is a strong supporter of President Trump. However, Bloomberg is not a friend of Republicans, in fact he spent a huge amount of money AGAINST Governor DeSantis in the Governors election in 2018. We can only speculate as to why Bloomberg gave — and Galvano took — $500,000. Bloomberg is an anti-gun Democrat running for US President and he clearly did not give Galvano $500,000 to help elect true Republicans to the Florida Senate. ImageAbout Unified Sportsmen of Florida; Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized in 1976 for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida. Contact: Unified Sportsmen of Florida
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