CCI Stangers 22 Long Rifle Ammo Special Edition From YouTube Celebrity 22plinkster

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:21 am

Announcing the release of CCI Stangers 22 Long Rifle Ammo.
U.S.A.-( CCI Stinger isn’t just a great load for pinning down varmints. It’s also been one of the top choices of YouTube shooting sensation 22plinkster. That’s why we’ve introduced a special-edition “Stangers” load named for his signature drawl. Shipments of this new product have been delivered to dealers. CCI Stangers 22 Long Rifle Ammo YouTube shooting sensation 22plinkster is a familiar face to fans around the world. His collection of more than 400 videos featuring rimfire trick shots and other entertaining shooting demonstrations has to date attracted more than 583,000 subscribers and garnered more than 94 million views.Image “I've been shooting Stingers for more than 30 years. My dad would always have a box hidden in the back of the gun cabinet when I was kid, and he only allowed me to shoot them when we went squirrel hunting. Fast forward to today and I now have my name associated with this iconic ammunition. It’s a dream come true,” said 22Plinkster. “Whether you call them Stingers, or how we pronounce them in the south, Stangers, you can't deny the speed, accuracy or performance from this hard-hitting rimfire cartridge.” Like the original, CCI Stangers 22 Long Rifle Ammo's 32-grain copper-plated hollow-point bullet leaves the muzzle at 1,640 feet-per-second and delivers CCI’s legendary precision and accuracy. The 100-count, special-edition 22plinkster packaging is sure to be a hit with 22Plinkster’s subscribers and viewers on Features
  • Special-edition packaging featuring a photo of 22plinkster
  • A custom “22” headstamp to signify it as a special-edition 22plinkster load
  • 32-grain copper-plated hollow point anchors varmints fast
  • 1,640 fps muzzle velocity, loaded within industry-standard pressures
Part No. / Description / MSRP 50100CC / 22 LR 32-grain CPHP Stangers 1,640 fps, 100-count / $16.99 For more information on CCI Stangers 22 Long Rifle Ammo, go to About CCI AmmunitionImage At CCI, we understand what you want and need. When it comes to ammunition and components no one beats us at our game. We offer the best selection in all shooting sports. While other companies sat on century-old technology and performance, we revived rimfire with exciting, high-performance products. It all started when Richard “Dick” Speer's enterprising led him to establish CCI in 1951. He provided a steady source of component primers to reloaders. Today we continue being the leader in rimfire ammunition thanks to our innovation, determination and resourcefulness.

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