2As of the Second Amendment, Comments by David Reece, CEO AR500 Armor ~ VIDEO

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Wed Feb 26, 2020 4:22 am

Opinion: David Reece, CEO of AR500 Armor, makes his case for more tools of liberty in the hands of free American patriots.
USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Hey, guys, David Reese here with a AR500 armor #ad. We are free craftsman. We create tools of liberty. Body armor is a tool of liberty. There are three common categories of threats to your rights. The Second Amendment is designed to protect us from all three. People often talk about common criminals and then foreign invasion. Although people mock that, the reality is that an armed populace is a part of what deters foreign invasion and actually allows for lower defense spending. So if you're a fan of smaller government then an armed populace helps to make it so that our nation is more secure without having to have a continuous bill for it. But the third thing is domestic tyranny. Domestic tyranny is not a threat to be laughed at. If you're at all familiar with modern history or the history of the entire human race before that, you're aware that governments tend to oppress their own people. Tyrants hate a population that can fight back, governments that hate liberty or even have a mild allergy to it. Love to make it hard for individuals to be armed and armored. Tyrant wannabes and mob rule demagogues use criminals as an excuse to reduce the arms possessed by citizens gradually through bad legislation and steps towards disarmament. Being armed with the tools of liberty requires more than just owning firearms. In our time a good rifle is the primary tool of liberty required to resist tyranny. The second tool of liberty is armor. If you have to use your rifle, then you'll need armor too. The Second Amendment is about more than the right to own guns. It's about the responsibility to protect your rights. The Second Amendment says you have the right to keep and bear arms, but unless you own arms and armor, you do not have the ability to use them when you need them. You need to get them so that you have them. Now you need to get them ahead of time because otherwise, you will not be able to train. And training is necessary to use them effectively. So you to get the tools of liberty you need to train. You need to learn about how and when to use them. If you do not exercise this right, you will not have the ability to resist common criminals, foreign invasion or domestic tyranny when you need to. The rights expressed in the Second Amendment by themselves deter and to some degree preserve our liberties. But the exercise of the right is a deterrent that helps you to be bolder in defending your rights in the public sphere. Owning both tools of liberty, body armor, and a good firearm provides you with the peace of mind to carry on with the rest of life knowing that you have the tools you need to defend your God-given rights and to pass those rights along to the next generation. Nobody in a gunfight ever wished they had less protection. Trust in God and keep your powder dry. Arms and armor. The two “A's” of the Second Amendment. Again, I'm David Reese with a AR500 armor. We are free craftsmen. We create tools of liberty. And body armor is a tool of liberty. Support AR500 Armor as they support the Second Amendment. #ad ABOUT AR500 ARMOR Image AR500 Armor® launched its own line of ballistic armor and body armor solutions in 2012. We entered the industry with the mindset of manufacturing top quality, reliable products that offered our customers high-value solutions. Our products are intended for responsible law-abiding American citizens, our law-enforcement personnel, and our military personnel; we currently sell to legal residents of the United States. With our unique in-house manufacturing processes and ability to acquire material made to our specifications, we’ve set the standard for ballistic steel core body armor. Utilizing industry-leading spall and fragmentation mitigation coatings we've further increased what's possible with ballistic steel. Our products are available through our website and authorized dealers throughout the United States. AR500 Armor® is a privately held business; Our Headquarters, team members, and manufacturing facility are located in Phoenix, Arizona.