DOJ Study Shows That A “Gun-Show Loophole” Doesn’t Exist

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Wed Feb 26, 2020 2:26 pm

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President ImageDOJ Study Shows That A “Gun-Show Loophole” Doesn't ExistFlorida – -( It has now been over a year since the DOJ issued a press release and the Report on where criminals acquire their crime guns. Clearly, the Report did not fit the narrative that the media wanted to promote — or you would have read or heard about it sooner. It's now time for you to see it, use it and share it with those who need to know the facts. Be aware: the so-called “gun show loophole” is just another manufactured anti-gun fraud. There is NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE. PERIOD. In 2016 The U.S. Department of Justice conducted a study of prison inmates. Included in that study was the collection of data to show where prisoners get the guns they used in the commission of crimes. The DOJ Press Release explains how the study was conducted. The Pie Chart of DOJ Data distills the information and makes the results more clear. The full DOJ Report gives more detail. THE BOTTOM LINE: Gun Shows accounted for 0.8% of firearms acquired by criminals, while Underground/Street purchases accounted for 43.2% Simply put, LESS THAN 1% of crime guns were purchased at gun shows while almost half of all guns used in crimes were purchased illegally from the underground/street black market. Click Here for the DOJ Press Release BJS RELEASES SOURCE AND USE OF FIREARMS INVOLVED IN CRIMES: SURVEY OF PRISON INMATES, 2016 WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics today released Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016, which presents statistics that describe firearm possession of state and federal prisoners who were serving a sentence in 2016. This report describes— •Firearm possession during the crime for which prisoners were serving time and by type of offense
•How the firearm was used during the crime•Type of firearms possessed
•Methods, sources, and processes of obtaining firearms Findings are based on BJS’s 2016 Survey of Prison Inmates (SPI), formerly known as the Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities. The SPI self-reported data were collected through face-to-face interviews with a national sample of state and federal prisoners. TITLE: Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016 (NCJ 251776) AUTHORS: Mariel Alper and Lauren Glaze The Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice is the principal federal agency responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating reliable statistics on crime and criminal justice in the United States. Jeffrey H. Anderson is the director. The Office of Justice Programs, led by Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matt M. Dummermuth, provides federal leadership in developing the nation’s capacity to prevent and control crime, administer justice and assist victims. OJP has six bureaus and offices: the Bureau of Justice Assistance; the Bureau of Justice Statistics; the National Institute of Justice; the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; the Office for Victims of Crime; and the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking. More information about OJP and its components can be found at Click Here for the Pie Chart of DOJ DATA Click Here for the DOJ Report on Crime Guns Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016 ImageAbout Unified Sportsmen of Florida; Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized in 1976 for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida. Contact: Unified Sportsmen of Florida
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