Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Safe Act: A Work In Progress To Destroy The Second Amendment

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:51 am

Ny Safe: The Hydra Beast with Several Heads, Part One ImageGovernor Andrew Cuomo's Safe Act: A Work In Progress To Destroy The Second AmendmentNew York – -( Andrew Cuomo, the rabid anti-Constitutionalist Governor of New York, currently serving his third term in office, signed the New York Safe Act for more than seven years ago. Coming on the heels of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident, occurring in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012—and ostensibly because of it—Cuomo demonstrated to New York’s residents that he would be the first Governor out of the gate to dramatically increase his State’s already highly restrictive gun laws, and it became so. On his website, Cuomo describes the Hydra monster he unleashed on New York, thus: “The SAFE Act stops criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun . . . and imposes the toughest assault weapons ban in the country. . . [but that] For hunters, sportsman, and law-abiding gun owners, this new law preserves and protects your right to buy, sell, keep or use your guns.” This is pure claptrap. The Arbalest Quarrel exposed the truth about Cuomo’s Safe Act and wrote extensively about it when first enacted and signed into law. We pointed out that Cuomo’s ambitions for disarming the public extend well beyond the confines of New York. He intends to make the Safe Act the model for restrictive gun laws throughout the Nation. We also pointed out that Cuomo has always intended for the Safe Act to be construed as a work in progress, not an end in itself. We concluded that, as with all anti-Second Amendment rights’ zealots, Cuomo would not rest until the Nation’s armed citizenry ceases to exist. The true scope of the anti-Second Amendment zealots’ agenda, as directed against the very idea of a “citizen army,” isn’t mere hyperbole. It is fact, and it is a critical step in the Collectivists’ goal to destroy the fabric of a free Constitutional Republic, along with the sacred, fundamental, immutable, inalienable rights and liberties of the American people that come with it. The sheer tenacity of Collectivists’ efforts to eliminate the exercise of the Second Amendment, and the feral ferocity they have unleashed in our Nation, has been on public display for at least the last three decades and continues. A constant reminder that Anti-Second Amendment Collectivist fanatics, such as Andrew Cuomo, thoroughly detest the Second Amendment. And will machinate and orchestrate behind the scenes, fanatically, frantically, tirelessly with like-kind—in the mainstream Press and in social media, in academia and in the technology, business, and financial sectors, in State Legislatures and in Congress, and in various Grassroots anti-Second Amendment groups and in segments of the medical community—to destroy it. ImageRepeal NY Safe ActConsider the glee with which The New York Times reported—on January 29, 2019, scarcely two months after Cuomo’s election to a third term as New York’s Governor, in an article titled “New York Passes First Major Gun Control Bills Since Sandy Hook”—the Governor’s extraordinarily wide-ranging assault against the Second Amendment: “New York lawmakers on Tuesday approved the most comprehensive set of gun bills in the state in six years, including measures that would ban bump stocks, prohibit teachers from carrying guns in schools and extend the waiting period for gun buyers who do not pass an instant background check. In total, six gun bills passed easily through the State Senate and Assembly, a remarkable sight in a Capitol that for years had resisted almost all new legislation on the subject. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, last ushered a major gun safety package into law in 2013, after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The governor successfully corralled recalcitrant Senate Republicans into supporting the so-called Safe Act that expanded the state’s ban on assault weapons, tightened certification requirements, increased criminal penalties for illegal guns and closed private sale loopholes. Mr. Cuomo has described the Safe Act as one of his signature achievements. ‘Sometimes history irrefutably bears out your actions,’ the governor said on Tuesday, at a news conference lined with gun safety advocates. ‘Today is the next evolution in this ongoing crusade.’ The relative ease of the laws’ passage highlighted, for the second time in just two days, the upheaval that November’s election brought to Albany. Democrats captured the Senate for the first time in a decade, delivering one-party control of state government. Since the legislative session began this month, both chambers have sent long-stymied bills in rapid-fire procession to the governor’s desk.” The notion that a body of rights exists, independent of and beyond the government’s lawful power and authority to modify, ignore, or abrogate, is anathema to the Collectivists’ ideology. Collectivists do not accept and, in fact, find, abhorrent the notion of and reality of natural law that falls beyond the power of government to lawfully regulate and manipulate. Proponents of Collectivism take as axiomatic that all law is a creation of man and therefore is subject to amendment or repeal by man, as time, circumstance, and even whim, dictates. The import and impact of the Collectivist ideology are evident in the Collectivists' constant, belligerent, bellicose attacks on the Nation’s fundamental, immutable, unalienable, primordial, and absolute rights and liberties. No clearer illustration is there than in their disregard and contempt for the elemental right codified in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The very existence of an armed citizenry is, on a physical level, a bane to a government’s power over the citizenry. But, on a philosophical plane, the notion of an armed citizenry, one absolutely “necessary to the security of a free state”—grounded on the Divine right of a people to own and possess firearms, predicated on Divine law, independent of artificial social and political constructs designed by man, and arising from a teleological, God-based ethical and moral system—is a notion logically incompatible with the tenets of the Collectivist ideology and repugnant to those who adhere to those tenets. Specious rationales for enacting more draconian firearms’ laws are, then, unsurprisingly, no longer deemed necessary, thanks to well-funded, sophisticated media propaganda that has been successful in deluding many citizens; convincing the citizenry they no longer need their Second Amendment; that Government will surely provide for them and will assuredly secure their physical safety and well-being. What is behind the blatant falsehood? We know the reason, although it is never mentioned by the seditious Press. It is to destroy the armed citizenry. It’s the imposition of Government tyranny—clothed in innocuous terminology, suggestive of the “Nanny State”—that the Anti-Constitutionalist forces want. Yet, it was specifically tyranny against which the founders of our Nation revolted; it was tyranny the framers of our Constitution loathed and sought ever to prevent in the Constitutional Republic they created. But it is tyranny the American citizenry of the present day will certainly get if the Collectivists—Anti-Constitutionalist Democrats—do gain complete control over the reins of Government. If that should occur, the new wave Progressive and Radical Left Democrats will then have the necessary power to impose their will on the American public and do with the citizenry whatever the hell they want. We see this playing out in recent days in several States: a dangerous precursor to what Americans may expect to see played out on the National stage if either the New wave Progressive and Radical Leftists that the seditious mainstream media refers to, euphemistically and erroneously, as liberal Democrats, or if the establishment, statist Democrats, that the seditious mainstream media likens to political “moderates,” gain control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government and, inevitably, the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government, as well. Both factions of the Democrat Party adhere to the philosophical tenets of Collectivism. But, the philosophy of Collectivism is anathema to adherents of the philosophical tenets of Individualism, upon which our Nation was founded, the blueprint of which is manifest in the Constitution. The proof of the Collectivists’ goal to undercut the fabric of our free Constitutional Republic—predicated on the tenets of Individualism—is demonstrable and undeniable. See the Arbalest Quarrel article, titled, “The Modern Civil War: A Clash of Ideologies.” The transnational world order that Collectivists envision and wish to implement is inconsistent with the very notion of a free Constitutional Republic, the blueprint of which exists in the Nation's Constitution. But, to destroy a free Constitutional Republic, it is essential for the Collectivists to first destroy the one impenetrable barrier to the realization of their vision of a transnational political, social, economic, and cultural system of governance that transcends all nation-states. Collectivists must destroy the one guarantor of our free Constitutional Republic. They must eliminate the citizens’ exercise of the fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms. That means they must destroy the armed citizenry.
Image About The Arbalest Quarrel: Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel' website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free. For more information, visit: