Daniel Easterday, Sued Deerfield, IL w/ IRSA & SAF- Riding Shotgun With Charlie #71

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:27 pm

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I was headed to Chicago for some family events. I had one morning to squeeze in a possible RSWC interview. I messaged Rhonda Ezell and asked if she knew anyone who would be around that morning. She set me up with Daniel Easterday. She always comes thru! Check out the Facebook LIVE video we did on the Riding Shotgun With Charlie Facebook page from Jan 26, 2020. Daniel Easterday had a gunsmith as an uncle and started shooting as a kid. When he was older, he started to get into training. He learned that people aren’t as good they think they are with a firearm and he wanted to learn more. After the Supreme Court decided that since Illinois was the last and only state to NOT allow it’s law-abiding, background check passing citizens to be able to carry a concealed firearm outside their homes, they needed to change that. However, the anti-gun crowd gave towns time to make their own laws before the state laws took over. Daniel and his family were living in Highland Park, which also did an ‘assault weapon ban’. He owned items that the town ‘didn’t like’ and had a friend store them so he complied with the laws, so he moved to Deerfield. Highland Park and Deerfield took their ordinance similar to the Cook County assault weapon ban. But Deerfield called it ‘safe storage’, but the state doesn’t have storage laws. After Deerfield decided to change the laws and legal opinions, they amended the ordinance, it was the same as it was before. They used many of the same old cliches always used about weapons of war on our streets. With the help of the Illinois State Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, they were able to hold off the so-called-assault-weapon-ban in Deerfield. We talk about some of the ridiculous laws and things that have to be done in the state of Illinois to get a firearm concealed carry permit. One is where the police can see who is applying for a permit and can deny anyone the license. After 14 months of delays and the police chief of Highland Park abusing his power, Daniel finally got his carry permit. Daniel shares that with Clarion Concepts, he is starting a “So You Think You Can Carry” course! They emphasize that just because you have a gun, doesn’t mean it’s always the best tool. It sounds like a great course that pushes the limits of the comfort zone of the course attendees. He’s also been attending several force-on-force courses, over 100 hours of class time last year. Favorite quotes “Nobody is as really good as they think they are and we need to get better.” “”There’s way too much responsibility when it comes to firearms to not what we’re doing.” “We’re not going to employ those techniques or tactics or procedures in real life in regular dude setting”
“Gun Rights aren’t a political football. Gun Rights don’t belong to one group of people.” “I murder the poop out of pigs with ARs” “Deadly force is deadly force, no matter what you use.” Things we talked about and links you should check out. https://www.youtube.com/embed/mbbig3ll5DY
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