Virginia: VCDL Responds to HR5717 Anti-Gun Legislation

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Post by NHGF [Feed] » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:59 pm

Image Virginia State Capitol BuildingU.S.A. -( Despite the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the United States, anti-gun politicians in VA still found time to try and push more gun laws on the American people. The Virginia Citizens Defense League has been hard at work reporting on and challenging any anti-gun legislation proposed, but many of their members are concerned with one of the more recent bills – HR 5717. The so-called, “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” inflicts more unconstitutional Red Flag laws, extraneous licensing and waiting periods on lawful gun-owners. The VCDL explains this more in detail below in their recent official release. We've been bombarded on Facebook and email by gun owners concerned about a bill in Congress – HR 5717, the “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020.”  It was introduced back on January 30 by Henry Johnson, a Georgia Congressman. There is no doubt that the bill is full of some really bad juju.  It has purchase waiting periods, universal background checks, Red Flag laws, a license requirement for owning guns and ammo, and more. On the other hand, really, really bad bills being introduced in Congress are nothing new and not everyone is a serious threat.  (For quite a while there was a bill to repeal the Second Amendment introduced every year, for example.)  Don't get me wrong, we need to keep an eye on all gun bills, but the sky isn't falling every time one is introduced. HR 5717 has a mere 18 cosponsors and has yet to be heard in a House subcommittee.  It can sit in that mode virtually forever, never seeing the light of day.  And I think there is a good chance that is exactly what's going to happen to it.  I know Gun Owners of America is keeping an eye on it, too.  If the gun controllers are trying to “sneak it by under the radar” while everyone is focused on the Coronavirus, they are doing a really poor job of doing so! VCDL tries not to overreact to things and, in turn, get our members to overreact.  We don't want to burn people out tilting at windmills.  If HR 5717 were suddenly looking like a real threat, we will change our posture and do so quickly. Two things: 1. Click HERE to see the status of HR 5717.  You can click on the various tabs to do things such as read the text of the bill or to see who is a cosponsor.  This way you can keep an eye on the bill yourself. 2. If you want to take action now (absolutely no harm in doing so), contact your Congressman.  Click HERE for the list of Virginia Congressmen.
ImageAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL): Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. For more information, visit:

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