Best states for gun owners in 2017

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Post by USMC69 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:47 pm

The following is a good article on the best states for gun owners. Pretty good read from G&A.
Not everyone agrees with our rankings and, due to the complexity of these issues, it is impossible to rank the states with absolute precision in an article of this size— a line-by-line study of the gun laws of every state would fill many volumes of this magazine and would put you quickly to sleep. Whether or not you agree with our methodology, rest assured that we do our very best to approach this effort objectively and without bias. We have used the same basic ranking system for all previous editions of “Best States for Gun Owners” and have maintained it in our 2017 survey as it continues to be the best and most equitable method we can envision. As states become increasingly pro-gun, the ranking process has become more and more difficult which is a good problem to have.
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