Franklin Armory Reformation

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Post by 556NATO » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:43 am

Smoothbore 5.56. Woahhhh!
This is what it shoots.
It is not a smooth bore as some have offered, that would undoubtedly make the Reformation a short barreled shotgun.

Nor is it a permanently attached barrel to the receiver making the minimum 16” requirement measurable from the crown to the ass end of the receiver. Although, that theory could possibly be floated for some other enterprising manufacturer in the future if they choose to put in the work.

Even though Franklin manufactures binary triggers, it has nothing to do with firing only on the release, or else we would have seen some very short trap shotguns decades ago.

Yeah, it’s not a 410 or a muzzle loader or any other sleight of hand. This was a bold new concept born of thinking outside the box or throwing the box away.

And, no, the stock is not a brace; it is a fully fledged butt stock.
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