The Death Grip

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Post by ARMARIN » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:19 pm

The Death Grip


One of the most common mistakes I see at the range (or anywhere for that matter) is the way the rifle is held! Who started the notion that you need to keep a death drip on your rifle? All that does is give you a wider range of human error. Try holding anything in a death grip and staying still and see how that works for you. Try making fine movements. You can’t. How much more so for even a firmly rested rifle that you must keep excruciatingly still and be able to adjust and control with micro movements that make minute differences in shot placement hundreds of yards away.

The tighter you grip your weapon, the harder it is going to be to keep still, and the harder it will be to make small movements and affect a trigger squeeze that doesn’t shake the rifle.
Let your rifle lay on your (left) hand, don’t close your hand around it and slightly pull your rifle toward your shoulder with your right hand so that the recoil doesn’t send it reeling into your chest like a ton of bricks. Practice your breathing, remember, the right shot only comes once. Once you have brought your heart rate down to a predictable level and you feel confident that you can get your shot off without disturbing your pattern, (dry) charge your weapon so that you can feel your finger press the trigger without disturbing your breathing. Now it’s time to bring the aforementioned breathing technique into play. This isn’t a race, so don’t rush yourself. When you feel comfortable let your finger do the walking. Practice this repeatedly to maintain proper stance and relaxation method. Once you have mastered this technique, you are ready get down to controlling your trigger.

(Most shooters don’t realize they grip the gun tighter as they shoot, which makes them pull the trigger more aggressively (just to mention one of the several consequences of having a tight grip).


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Post by Cranky » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:53 pm

Agreed. One of the key factors in shooting straight is to relax and control your breathing.

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