Market your gunsmithing services

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Post by ARMARIN » Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:14 pm

Market your gunsmithing services


I hate to pop your bubble, but the truth is when you open your doors as a gunsmith (or any other business) the whole world will not suddenly come running to your door to have their guns repaired. How can they if they don’t know you are offering gunsmithing services? It never fails to amaze me that some gunsmiths think they don’t have to do any advertising at all to be successful.

Just because you’re open for business doesn’t mean shooters are going to beat a path to your door with work. You’re going to need to market your services.

However, a big advantage for gunsmiths is that you can spend a lot less on advertising than most other businesses because of the huge demand and the lack of qualified gunsmiths. But you have to do it smart and let them know you are there, open for business and qualified to repair or customize their firearms. But, as a head start, here are four simple and extremely low-cost ways to get a ton of business:

- Business Cards, hand them out everywhere and post them letting people know you are an AGI-Certified Gunsmith.
- Post and mail a simple brochure (AGI can help you by providing you with a standardized brochure) to gun shops, pawn shops, ranges, gun clubs and take them to hand out at gun shows. Everybody needs a good gunsmith–people share news about them faster than hot stock tips.
- Create a proper yellow-pages ad (don’t buy an ad without listening to the AGI CD on how to create effective yellow page ads and certainly don’t listen to the ad sales rep) .
- Have a simple but effective website presence, with the five key components covered. (AGI has a turn-key system that can help with that, too.)

Just these four simple things can generate a lot of work.You also need to know how to “Sell” your work and services. You may be thinking, “I hate selling,” but “selling” is not a dirty word! It just means knowing how to best help your customers make a good decision. If you are honest and want to actually help your customers, then you need to know how to do real selling.


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