Problems with G36 rifle

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Post by ARMARIN » Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:08 am

Problems with G36 rifle


The G36 has been in service with the German Army (Bundeswehr) since 1997. While the G36 wasn't the first rifle adopted by a major military that made extensive use of polymers, it was certainly one of the more popular designs. It has been used by at least 30 different countries in some capacity making it a successful design on the military small arms market.

Despite HK's sterling reputation for quality the rifle isn't universally loved. Now a German newspaper is reporting that the German Army is aware of an interesting problem. Once the rifle heats up with use, the accuracy degrades so much that it's ineffective past 200 meters.

An internal document intended for the Secretary of Defense stated that once the rifle gets hot enemy targets past 200 meters cannot be safely engaged. The document states that the problem represents a significant deficiency in the G36's design. The military is recommending that troops allow their rifles to cool in firefights to help deal with the problem. They warn that if troops aren't careful, the G36 can completely fail. The Armed Forces Association, a German soldiers' interest group, is urging a speedy resolution to this problem.

What's interesting is that this problem took a long time coming to light. Has the German Army covered up this problem? I can't imagine that it's taken over a decade of fighting in the Middle East before this problem to come to light.


The HK G36 is dead. Long live the G36! German Police has bought most of the surplus.
The goal is that Police officers should be able to react faster and better to possible terrorist attacks, and the HK G36s are primarily for the special units.

According to the source, the area will have 522 G36Cs in addition to the current 941 HK MP5s and 140 (obsolete) HK G3s. The thought is that there should be one HK G36 in every Mercedes-Vito Police car.

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Post by 556NATO » Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:21 am

Nice! Another firearm on my wishlist.

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