MOA - Is It Greek?

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Post by ARMARIN » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:31 pm

MOA - Is It Greek?

Your friend tells you that his rifle shoots one MOA. Is your friend speaking Greek? No, he is speaking the language of hunters and shooters.

Your friend is telling you that his rifle has an accuracy of one inch at 100 yards. MOA refers to Minute Of Angle. We know that a circle has 360 degrees. One degree has 60 minutes. Take two staright lines that start at one point and open up with an angle of 1/60 degree or one minute of arc. As the distance from the starting point gets farther, the distance between the two lines becomes larger. At a distance of 100 yards from the starting point, the two lines will be one inch apart from each other. Actually the distance is a bit larger than one inch. It is about 1.047 inch. Commonly it is referred to as one inch.

Rifle scope and peep sight manufacturers usually graduate their equipment for elevation and windage in fractional increments of MOA - usually 1/4 minute (but not always). A change of one click/mark on a scope or peep sight will translate into a change of 1/4 inch at a distance of 100 yrds.

For scope and peep sights graduated in 1/4 minutes, use the following to determine the change of impact point for the distance given for one click/mark on scope or peep sight. Also shown is the number of clicks/marks required to move impact point by one inch.

25 Yards - 1/16 inch. One inch = 16 clicks/marks
50 Yards - 1/8 inch. One inch = 8 clicks/marks
75 Yards - 3/16 inch. One inch = 6 clicks/marks
100 Yards - 1/4 inch. Once inch = 4 clicks/marks
150 Yards - 3/8 inch. One inch = 3 clicks/marks
200 Yards - 1/2 inch. One inch = 2 clicks/marks
400 Yards - 1 inch. One inch = 1 click/mark

(Used TASCO info report as inspiration for this)

Read ==>

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Post by Cranky » Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:12 am

Great info for newcomers.

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Post by Biglever » Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:59 pm

Thanks for that scale, very helpful.

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