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Post by ARMARIN » Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:29 pm

Daniel defense, inc.


Established in 2000 as a small hobby business by firearms enthusiast Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense has risen to be regarded as one of the key players in the future of Military Small Arms.

CLICK ==> https://danieldefense.com/about-daniel-defense

Having been an avid firearms enthusiast his entire life as well as a self-proclaimed tinkerer, Marty noted several times that his personal M16 rifle, which he used for recreational shooting, was an excellent rifle, but had room for improvement in many areas. Unable to find these improvements available on the commercial market, Marty set out to design and build his own M16 upgrades and shared them with his fellow shooters.

Marty set aside a small corner of the shop belonging to his other business (Daniel Overhead Door and Fireplace) located in a small industrial park in Savannah, Ga., for Daniel Defense. Daniel Defense quickly took over more and more space, doubling and then tripling in size year after year.
In its infancy (2000-2004), Daniel Defense employees consisted of Marty and his wife, Cindy (Daniel Defense’s current COO)

His success did not go unnoticed in the firearms industry. Backed by a state-of-the-art facility and a reputation for quality, other firearms manufacturers sought out Daniel Defense to build their rifles for them. Daniel Defense currently produces firearms and components for other world renowned manufacturers, including Heckler and Koch (Germany) and Barrett Firearms Manufacturing among others. Daniel Defense is now known for creating the best barrels for the M4/AR-15 style rifles, as well as being an innovator on the cutting edge of design and manufacturing technologies

With these accomplishments on the military/law enforcement side, the next progression was to tackle the hunting world. Ambush Firearms was launched in January 2011 as a separate company, owned by Daniel Defense, completely dedicated to the hunting community. The goal of Ambush Firearms is to bring the same unsurpassed quality and precision to the hunting market that Daniel Defense has brought to the tactical world.

From Black Creek, Ga., Ambush Firearms debuts the premiere 6.8 SPC hunting rifle, delivering 6.8 takedown power in a package light enough for the most mobile hunter.

No longer do you have to compromise weight for takedown power, now you can have both. The Ambush 6.8 is not only lightweight, it’s modular.
Rifle manufacturers often overlook the shooting comfort of the hunter. The adjustable butt-stock gives another way to adjust the rifle to fit you, no matter your size or the clothes you’re wearing. To further augment the Ambush 6.8, we have included modular rail sections and an adjustable indexable foregrip, enhancing your natural shooting position.

The Ambush 6.8 features a monolithic upper rail platform allowing you to mount optics where they suit YOU best, not the rifle. The free-floating hand guard extends 12 inches protecting the barrel while giving you plenty of real estate for hand placement or accessories.

The Ambush 6.8 is finished with a REALTREE AP Camo

(Press release - DANIEL DEFENSE, INC)


Read ==>

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Post by S_I_G » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:19 am

Hmm...I wonder if Mr. Daniel was a machinist by trade.
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