Krav Maga – Making your point quickly and effectively

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Post by ARMARIN » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:15 pm

Krav Maga – Making your point quickly and effectively


It ranks among Israel’s top 64 exports. Along with PillCam - a pill-sized imaging device that takes real-time pictures of the inner working of your stomach, the mobile phone – the compact size we take for granted, and Emergency Bandage, the super bandage credited with saving the life of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot, Krav Maga an Israeli hand to hand combat system has been ranked as one of Israel’s 64 most enduring contributions to life on the planet.
What is there about Krav Maga that has earned such respect and awe? The fact that it is used by the IDF, the Mosad, and the Shin Bet undoubtedly endows it with a mark of distinction. The fact that the CIA, FBI, U.S. Marshals, police and SWAT teams have adopted it as part of their personal combat arsenal lends it the credibility it deserves.

But most of all the reason it is so respected is because it is considered the world’s most devastating self-defense system. It is a “no frills” combat system involving elements of striking, wrestling and grappling. The philosophy behind Krav Maga is self-defense in the face of an attack. Once activated, it combines threat neutralization with aggressive defensive and offensive maneuvers.
Its purpose is to defeat unarmed attackers, resolve ground fights and deal with knives and guns. It is gender neutral offering the same type and level of training to men and women.

The goal of Krav Maga is winning a fight as quickly and convincingly as possible. All attacks are aimed towards the most vulnerable parts of the aggressor’s body. It is not a sport and it doesn’t observe rules. The object is to walk away as quickly as possible leaving your opponent on the ground and incapable of continuing their attack.

One of the methods employed is “using the nearest tool for the job” - using your limb that is closest and most adaptable to inflicting the initial response to an attack.

Unlike martial arts with which it is commonly confused, Krav Maga has no sporting Federation or costume and courtesies like removing footwear are not part of its combat culture. While there are organizations that recognize achievement through rank badges, levels and colored belts, these are by no means strictly adhered to. Krav Maga has no niceties and virtually no protocol. It isn't about kata's and fancy moves. As one instructor noted, "if it looks great, it's probably not Krav Maga".

(Inspired by - Alliance Training Center in Los Angeles -)

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