My pink Sig Mosquito is really acting like a girl

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Post by ARMARIN » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:11 am

My pink Sig Mosquito is really acting like a girl


Just got in 20 new pink mosquito pistols. Nothing for Russians for they don't like pink. Mali girls however they like it all. One big party, so what's up? I shot this pistol.

Took it to our range today and shot 200 rounds of CCI mini mag with 2 FTF. Tried some Winchester super x and everyone FTF OR FTE. I stopped playing when a spent shell was stuck in the chamber. Don't like girls behaving like that. Took the gun to one of ARMARIN gunsmiths told him my story. He said to smoke a cigar while the feed ramp is machined and polished

I thought of the 19 others in stock and was no happy man. I phoned a friend of a friend and asked for his opinion. He said: From what I hear your experience with the mosquito seems somewhat typical. Of the shooters, I know the only one has a good opinion of that pistol. They seem to be very picky with ammo. I got my wife one last year and we experienced the same issues you were describing. Try swapping the spring with the other one that it comes with. With the other spring, it consistently eats CCI Mini-mags with no issues. Forget about bulk ammo it doesn't seem to like any.

Meanwhile, the pistol was ready and I went back to the range. Emptied mag after mag. I started to love my Mosquito girl again. All advice is spot on so far, although mine will handle bulk pack high-velocity ammo, in addition to CCI. However, if I'm shooting a lot of rounds during a range trip it helps to perform a quick field strip, (i.e., wipe down and reapply some light oil to the usual areas). Then I'm good to go again.

Now whats into this? Send them all to Mali: a good buy! There they have no problems taking it to the range and getting strange looks for shooting a pink gun!

That said, we did experience some initial teething problems. But nothing you can't overcome with a little patience.

First and foremost - the little Mosquito greatly prefers to be run 'clean'. My Colt .38 Detective special can lay in the dirt for weeks, left in the desert sand for another week, and it'll still eat anything a feed it. Not the little Sig. Keep her clean though, and she'll be happy.

It also likes to be kept well lubed - and properly. The slide really responds well with the white grease Sig provides when new (I need to go buy some more). Apply it to the rails, and you can almost literally rack the slide with a flick of the wrist. The other place you MUST keep well lubed is the extractor. There is a little hole on the right side of the slide, just forward of the thumb safety, for oiling it. A drop or two every 50 to 100 rounds will cure 95% of your FTE issues. The last place to keep lubed is the feed ramp. Just smear some oil on your fingertip, or soak a Q-tip in some, and oil the ramp periodically. This will eliminate 50-75% of your FTF issues (spring and ammo choice will clear up most remaining issues)

The feed ramp is one of the main reasons people get FTF's with the Mosquito. First, it has a flat spot on the front edge, which hangs up any flat-nosed ammo (stay away from it altogether) and if not lubed will hang up most blunter-nosed ammo. In general, the feed ramp seemed to need some breaking in. Ours really started getting truly reliable somewhere around 300 rounds. If you don't have the patience, a light polish would probably do the trick.

Finally, spring and ammo choice is key with this gun. Sig recommends CCI MiniMags, and they do seem to run best. But I've had pretty good results with most high velocity .22. Just make sure you have the heavy spring in it (if you bought it new, Sig should have supplied two springs - one heavy, one light - new, the heavy one should have been already in the gun) Initially, it wouldn't run any bulk, low-velocity ammo, even with the lighter spring. But this was before I discovered just how much the feed ramp and extractor like to be wet. Now, the pink wonder will run almost anything I feed her, as long as I run the heavy spring for high-velocity and the light one for low. Again, just don't feed her flat/blunt nosed lead - it'll hang up every time.

Once you get it running right, it's a great shooter. Very ergonomic, and pretty accurate. Feels and shoots like a p220. It's become my 2nd favorite girl (Wife is number one)

Hang in there, keep it oiled well, and feed her right. Once she breaks in, you'll have a fun toy.

Have a big cigar and

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