'traumatic' weapons.

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Post by ARMARIN » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:40 pm

'traumatic' weapons.

n Russia, there is an enormous rise in ownership of so-called 'traumatic' weapons. Non-lethal, on paper (quite a few people, actually, have died as a result of their use). Classic, basic 'traumatic' guns shoot either a rubber bullet or, 'hard ammo', steel bullet or ball coated in rubber.

There is a lot of choices, as many brands, sizes, etc, are available.

There are some guns, like PM 'Makarychev', that can shoot both rubber and also tear gas bullets. And there is the 'Ratnik' revolver, which also fires tear gas or steel-rubber ammo. Pistol named the TT 'Leader', made to look like a regular, combat TT-33, except it fires rubber bullets. Next, we have a 'traumatic' version of the Nagant revolver.

The 'Osa' pistol, is four-barreled, it fits four types of ammunition: rubber-steel (renowned for effectiveness, it is believed that the force of a 'Osa' steel rubber-coated round at close range is comparable to a close-up knockout punch of a professional heavyweight boxer), tear gas, 'shock' rounds (rubber bullet with electrodes, like Taser, but better ), and flash-bang round: blinds, deafens and completely disorients an opponent for about 15 minutes.

You have also a Izh-79 tear gas pistol. This is one of the new automatic 'trauma' guns, for people who may need more than 2, 3 or 4 shots to bring down an attacker. Very effective against multiple opponents too. Like a P38, but non-lethal, supposedly

Because people believe they are non-lethal, yet still scare others, they draw them for whatever reason, in any conflict,
Two drivers in the parking of 'Evropeiski' shopping center, in Moscow, who argued over a parking spot, each jumped out of their car drawing their own 'travmat', and started blazing away, so to speak. Half a dozen indentations on each car plus one driver's window broken was the result Also three innocent bystanders were injured (and both of the 'gunfighters' were also injured, one shot in the leg, the other in the shoulder).

(From Rusia PRAVDA)
So have a big cigar plus a few glasses of Vodka and regards from

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