Polish made AK pistol

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Post by ARMARIN » Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:56 am

Polish made AK pistol

We took this little Polish made AK pistol out of the box today, and it definitely is a fun little gun to shoot.

[img]http:/armarin.nl/0067.jpg [/img]

These arms are made in Radom, Poland from quality parts and are fairly accurate little guns considering the short sight radius. The PAP is soon to be a small handy SBR. Put a folding stock on that thing and it is 100% the SBR of my dreams! The only thing that could be a deal breaker would be a non chrome lined bore.

The best way to get accurate shots with any kind of pistol like this is to use a single point sling like you have, but pulled over your right shoulder and under your left arm, then adjust the sling where you can push the pistol forward against the tightened tension of the sling. Basically trying to push further but the sling holding it back. It creates isometric stability and is close to have a stock.

Radom is a great company; among many other things they make the current assault rifle for the Polish Army, a variant of the Kalashnikov style but chambered in NATO 5.56 x 45mm.

That being said, I think this pistol would benefit from a trigger job! You can hear the slap of the trigger resetting with each shot you fire. I think a nice light, crisp breaking trigger would benefit accuracy in lieu of a stock to stabilize the weapon.

And the funniest thing is - you can't get them in Poland. LOL Have a good cigar and rgds from ARMARIN

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