Kimbers are just over priced 1911's

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Post by ARMARIN » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:19 pm

Kimbers are just over priced 1911's


Well, Kimbers are just overpriced 1911's . A rock island armory will do the same thing as a kimber for just 400 dollars cheaper. Yea they don't have a tactical hammer, trigger and beaver tall but for under 100 bucks you can have all that. You just pay for a name when you buy a kimber.

The biggest thing that brands like kimber and colt have over the cheaper brands is the machined steel frame. whereas the rock island has a cast frame and isn't as strong.

The Kimbers triggers and barrels are also better I've heard. Kimber pistols are some of the most accurate and reliable handguns on the market today. Founded in 1979 by Jack and Greg Warne the company has definitely had its growing pains on the way to becoming the company it is today. Originally Kimber of Oregon, Kimber has stretched its arms, produced various pistol lines, and evolved in Kimber of America.
The accuracy and reliability of Kimber pistols, as well as the fact that they are highly customizable, has attracted many people and organizations to Kimber. Among those organizations are LAPD S.W.A.T. , US Special Forces, and the US Olympic Marksmanship Team.

And a cigar for you. Rgds ARMARIN

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