What is Bogarting a revolver?

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Post by ARMARIN » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:10 am

What is Bogarting a revolver?

Where did the term Bogarting the gun come from when referring to when people wack the gun open and shot with a snap of their wrist.
I have seen a lot of old movies, including just about all Humphrey Bogart's movies, and cannot think of one movie (Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Big Sleep, To Have and to Have Not, Casablanca, Key Largo, Maltese Falcon, etc.) where he wacks the pistol cylinder open and shut with his wrist.
I remember Alan Ladd doing it with his OP in his brief appearance in the movie My Favorite Brunette with Bob Hope (who tried to imitate lad and couldn't get it to wack open

A friend of a friend told me that slamming the cylinder open is harmful to the gun, there's a significant amount of weight swinging unsupported on the pivot point and crane, and it can be bent or sprung after just a few repetitions. Slamming a cylinder shut, on the other hand, while not a good practice, is not as potentially damaging because you are actually closing the gun into a supported position.

Quote from a newspaper story: A very drunk man pulled a snubby on me and stuck it in my nose telling me I was under citizens arrest. Looking closer at the piece I told him "Sir, that gun ain't even loaded." At which point he "Bogarted" the cylinder open and 6 rounds fell out the gun.

Holding back the cylinder latch on a colt and turning the gun 45 degrees in either direction will allow gravity to "Bogart" it. Surely this can't hurt it too much. A Smith or Ruger might be a different story however as their latches work differently.

Gently closing the crane (or cylinder, as it were) allows the BASEPIN to remain 'true'. The spinning of the cylinder during closing may, over time, pien the square channel that the cylinder locking bolt is situated in. That, my friends, is, as so eloquently noted, is 'Bogarting'

Dont clamb your cigar while bogarting your revolver cylinder. Rgds ARMARIN

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Post by 556NATO » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:11 pm

I can honestly say that I've never heard that term used with a revolver. I heard of Bogarting a joint but that's a topic for another forum. :rolling:

Have a listen! :)

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