Tried out the 4". Chiappa Rhino

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Post by ARMARIN » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:46 am

Tried out the 4". Chiappa Rhino


Some time ago I purchased several 4 " and 6" Chiappa Rhino revolvers. As these revolvers look a kind of different I took the 4" to steal the show and try out on the range.

My personal view of the revolver is:
1) I like the unusual appearance that some call "ugly
2) I like innovation. The lower barrel alignment makes perfect physical sense however the jury is out as to whether the mechanical complexities will warrant the unusual barrel alignment.
3) Although I can't speak for the actual accuracy because the sight adjustment was off 6" at 25 yds, I didn't have my tool kit with me to adjust the sights. I can say that the grouping was good and I think that ultimately, it will be quite good.
4) I found the recoil and muzzle lift very reasonable for a .357 Mag -certainly much less than a Ruger Redhawk.
5) I can say I am a very experienced shooter however had difficulty pulling the "hammer" back.
6) Double action function was surprisingly smooth.
7) I felt that the quality of engineering and manufacturing was very good. Overall In the short term,

I am very pleased with the revolver and look forward to shooting it a lot more. Don't drop your cigar while shooting and rgds from ARMARIN

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