.50 CAL Desert Eagle pistol misunderstanding

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Post by ARMARIN » Sat May 11, 2019 12:22 am

.50 CAL Desert Eagle pistol misunderstanding

There is .50 cal ammo and there is also a different type of .50cal ammo. So look at this Desert Eagle pistol for big handers! LOL. (No its not the sniper version; Its a Photoshop version)

This is the real stuff and on the bullet: The biggest reason to not use this .50 cal gun as a primary self-defense choice is due to the sheer power of the rounds it fires. A 50AE round over-penetrates severely for a human sized target and is better used for defeating civilian body armor (LVL-3) and vehicle skin, target shooting, and hunting applications. If you do use this for defense, take strong consideration of what is behind your target.

All things considered, I love this type of desert eagle, but pick something more sensible for self-defense. It is however an acceptable bear defense gun (black bear size) but not the best choice due the gas operated system’s susceptibility to clogging from FOD.

Watch some action:==>http://armarin.nl/eagle.mp4

Read ==>